Wood Floor Cleaning

/Wood Floor Cleaning

Aristar offers professional wood floor cleaning services to clean and restore the luster of your hardwood floors. Our wood floor cleaning services does not only clean your floor, it will also extend the life of the wood floor. We assure you of a clean and completely shiny floor after each service. To eliminate the dirt, dust and any other contaminants that might damage your wood floors, we make use of green cleaning products.

What We Do

With Aristar Wood Floor Cleaning, we remove, scrub, hand cleans and coats your wood floors for maximum cleanliness. We take away all that dirt and debris on your floor and prepare it for our unique wood floor cleaning service. Our wood floor treatment is designed to attack all the tough dirt on your floor to ensure that it is completely clean.

Wood Floor Cleaning

Surface Cleaning

For the embedded dirt and other residue, we use very effective cleaning equipment that can agitate and loosen it. With using an eco-friendly cleaning solution, you are guaranteed that your wood floor will be completely clean and dry. Aristar focuses not only in cleaning the surface of your wood floor, but especially in extracting the hidden dirt within the floorboards.

Hand Clean

In order to thoroughly clean the floor, we do it not only by our cleaning equipment. If necessary, we hand clean your wood floor so that even the dirt in between are removed. Our highly and specially trained cleaning experts will definitely clean that not-so-easy-to-reach corners and edges by hand and by microfiber cloth to remove any surface dirt.

wooden Top Coat cleaning

Top Coat

Lastly, when the wood floor is completely cleaned, we use top coat application to ensure that wood floors are flawlessly spotless. We will leave not a single residue and no sanding as well. You wood floors can have a streak-free shine with glossy finish which ensures that it is beautiful and will last for a long time.

So if you are looking for professional highly trusted wood floor cleaning service in NYC, you don’t have to look for long anymore with Aristar Wood Floor Cleaning. With using biodegradable products –you, your children and your pets will be safe while enjoying the finished look of your floor. Call us now and get a quote of our wood floor cleaning services!